Invest in ARION

Invest in ARION

Join our crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs today and own a share in ARION.

Join our crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs today and own a share in ARION.

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ARION is open for investment on Seedrs

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ARION is open for investment on Seedrs

The ARION wearable

ARION is a next-generation wearable that helps runners improve their technique to run faster, farther and safer.

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Why invest in ARION?

A shelf-ready product

Sales in the books

Produced and delivered

Cutting-edge research partners in Europe

Over 7 years of research resulting in 7 patents and
continued partnerships with institutes across Europe.

Cutting-edge research partners in Europe

Notable industry transactions

The sports, health, fitness and lifestyle sector has shown some notable transactions in the past.

$4.1 billion (IPO)

$85 million (acquired)

$475 million (acquired)

$240 million (acquired)

$85 million (acquired)

$50 million (acquired)

Multi-award winning wearable

“This is an innovative business with clear commercial viability.”

Multi-award winning wearable
Meet the team

The team behind ARION

Andrew Statham, PhD.
Andrew Statham, PhD. Co-founder & CEO

Jurgen van den Berg
Jurgen van den Berg Co-founder & CTO

Sonya Carrott, PhD. (Bowyer)
Sonya Carrott, PhD. (Bowyer) Former World Class Athlete
Strategic Relations Director

Hein Rutjes
Hein Rutjes Software Lead

Matthijs de Deugd
Matthijs de Deugd Marketing Manager

Jurgen Krikke
Jurgen Krikke Business Development Manager

Jurian Boots
Jurian Boots Graphic Designer

Rae Wright
Rae Wright Office Manager

Indy Spaan
Indy Spaan Software Engineer

Michael Tsapanos
Michael Tsapanos Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

Find more information in these FAQs or shoot us an email at

How do I invest on Seedrs?
We’ve created a “how to invest on Seedrs” guide with details on how investing works on Seedrs. You can also find this FAQ made by Seedrs for investors.
How much can I invest on Seedrs?

Through Seedrs we’re accepting investments of all amounts. For larger investments please contact us directly for a variety of options to join our cap table.

Can I also invest outside of Seedrs?

That is definitely possible. If you have serious interest in investing in ARION please email us at

Will I qualify for EIS in the UK?

We’re currently in the process of applying for EIS pre-approval. We expect this to be finalized before our Seedrs campaign goes live which means you’ll qualify for EIS in the UK.

What do I get for my investment?

An investment will buy shares in our company. If the company is successful you may be able to sell these shares to get a return on investment. Please find all potential risks, terms and conditions on

How else can I help the ARION team?

ARION has a motivated group of advisors and mentors, many of which are also investors in our company. We are persistently looking to strengthen this team, especially with new investors.

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Invest in ARION through Seedrs and own a share in ARION.

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