ARION Lite (beta)

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Includes one lite footpod and shoe clip. Only 100 available as a limited beta program!
  • Be the first to get your hands on the 3D foot tracking feature
  • Limited availability, only 100 beta units
  • Exclusive access to new ARION Lite features
  • Co-creation to help us shape ARION Lite
  • Delivery from January 2019

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ARION Lite features

We’re developing ARION Lite, a footpod that clips to the side of your shoe that tracks your running technique. Through real-time audio coaching you’re able to improve your technique to run faster, longer and safer.

ARION Lite Metrics

ARION Lite is able to measure the following metrics:

  • Speed, pace, distance and duration
  • Cadence (steps per minute)
  • Step length
  • Leg swing
  • Flight time
  • Contact time
  • Impact
  • Estimated footstrike

Coaching AI, biomechanical loading and real-time feedback

ARION Lite calculates an estimated biomechanical load that indicates which muscles are most active and which joints are experiencing the most load as your running technique changes.

ARION’s coaching engine adapts your training with every run you make. An initial run will complete your running profile which ARION uses to build a personalized training schedule. The AI coaching engine will recommend easy to understand exercises with personalized target zones set for each of your running sessions. To keep things simple you will focus on one element of your running technique with each run.

While running you’ll receive real-time audio feedback to carefully adjust and tune your running technique.

Data exports

Through the ARION dashboard you’re able to export data generated by ARION Lite in formats compatible with many of the most popular training platforms and apps such as Strava, Garmin and Training Peaks.

ARION Lite beta program

By participating in the ARION Lite beta program you’re able to get exclusive access to our latest technology and product features. Your feedback, suggestions and contributions will help us shape ARION Lite as it’s being further developed.

To help us make the most of this co-creation process, participants of the ARION Lite beta program should run at least once a week and be willing to provide feedback about their experiences on a regular basis. To reward participants that are able to help with these commitments we will provide a lifetime of free online services for your personal ARION account.