ARION Starter Pack


Includes two smart insoles, one footpod (with GPS), a dedicated charger and manual.

  • Improve your running technique
  • Ultra-thin insoles and lightweight footpod
  • AI coaching or connect to your personal coach
  • Real-time audio feedback
  • Comes in 4 sizes (view size guide)

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ARION Starter Pack features

With ARION you have a practical tool to focus on your running technique. The benefits of working on your running technique are an improved performance, reduced risk of injury and increased efficiency. In short, you can run faster, longer and safer.

ARION breaks down running technique into simple to understand pieces. Each run you’ll focus on one aspect of your running technique at a time. This way you can make step by step progress without being overloaded with information. ARION’s coaching engine will determine the target zone for every aspect of your running technique. All you need to do is to try to maintain this parameter in the green zone. Footstrike, cadence, step length and pace are just a few examples of many metrics you can focus on.

Real-time audio feedback will help you to make corrections while running. Once you’re able to hit the green target zone successfully, you will work on the next aspect of your running technique. This way you will gradually progress towards your new running technique in a guided fashion.

After each run the AI coaching engine assesses how you are getting on and continuously adapts as you progress your running technique. Next time you open the app you will see the latest recommendation from your schedule, the technique focus and the target zones for your next run. Run by run you will make progress towards your personal goals.

The insoles slip neatly underneath your existing running shoe insoles. Currently your smartphone is required on your run to store and upload the running data. As soon as the run without your phone feature is ready, you can choose to leave your smartphone at home.

ARION has been designed to withstand water from rain or the occasional step in a creek, but not for aqua-jogging. The LED lights are great for safety during runs in the dark and can be customized to your preference (on/off, color and brightness). These settings have an influence on battery life. The audio feedback can be customized or turned off.

The difference between the Starter Pack and Pro Pack

Measuring one foot at a time is enough for ARION to provide AI coaching, during your next run you might choose to switch the pod over to your other foot. Over a number of runs differences between left and right will become clear and ensures that ARION will not overlook these differences. With two footpods you will be able to measure both feet at the same time and under the same conditions, meaning you will have the full picture of your running technique at all moments of your run and see additional metrics like left/right balance. Optionally you can decide to purchase an additional ARION footpod later to get simultaneous measurements.
You can find all details in our blog post.

What’s included

  • Two smart insoles
  • One GPS footpod (if you would like two footpods, please order the ARION Pro Pack)
  • Charger & micro-USB cable
  • Printed manual
  • Adaptive coaching AI
  • ARION app for iOS or Android
  • Online dashboard

Size guide

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