ARION roadmap

We have great ambitions for ARION and what value it can bring to your running experience. Our roadmap has features we’re excited about, those that we are currently working on and when we estimate they will be ready to use. Your feedback is highly valued, so please let us know what’s important to you.

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Tested and released

Currently available ARION features

Over the past years we’ve been working hard to test and implement the features listed below,
available for you when you run with ARION.

Track and monitor your running technique with the following metrics:

  • Footstrike
  • Step length
  • Cadence
  • Balance
  • Stability/variability
  • Contact time
  • Flight time
  • Heart rate through a compatible Bluetooth chest band (no ANT+)
  • Pace and speed
  • Distance and GPS tracking

Get insights from the pressure profile of every step in your run:

  • The gait line showing the motion of your foot
  • Where exactly your foot first strikes the ground
  • How actively you use the structures of your foot (e.g. big toe versus small toes)
  • See the difference between shoes and insoles
  • See how your foot pattern changes with different surfaces, routes, etc.
  • NEW: Export your data to .tcx and .gpx formats

Through the ARION app you’re able to do the following:

  • Build a baseline profile
  • View your estimated biomechanical load (beta)
  • Set target zones for each metric
  • Receive live feedback during your runs
  • Track where and how you performed with every step of your run, thanks to GPS tracking
  • Use the ARION coaching AI to receive training suggestions and target zones based on your own running data
  • Access your data on your computer through the online ARION dashboard (beta)
  • NEW: Customizable LEDs (video)

Estimated roadmap

Upcoming ARION features

This roadmap details new features we’re still developing and when we estimate them to be done. These will be added to your ARION through free updates that you will receive wirelessly through the app. At the bottom of this page there’s a feedback form where you can share with us which features are important to you.

Note: Every new feature will first be released as a public beta.

Upcoming ARION features

Future-proof hardware, upgradeable through software

We have future-proofed ARION with electronics and sensors, which we’re able to utilize further with free software upgrades. This means your ARION will evolve the longer you own it, giving you plenty of ways to keep improving your running technique.

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Share your feedback

Which features are important to you?

We love to co-create with the ARION community to build the best possible running experience. Are we currently working on the right features? Are there features you miss, or do you want to see some key features sooner? Your voice is important to us and will help us prioritize development of new features.

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