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ARION Lite<br> <strike style="color:red">€99</strike> €59


Includes one lite footpod and shoe clip. Only 100 available as a limited beta program!

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ARION Pro Pack <br>€259

スマートインソール ARION

Includes two smart insoles, two footpods, a dedicated charger and manual.

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ARION Lite beta program (€99 €59)

We’re currently developing ARION Lite, a footpod that clips to the side of your shoe that tracks your running technique. Through real-time voice coaching you’re able to improve your technique to run faster, longer and safer.

Be the first to get your hands on the 3D foot tracking feature

Limited availability, only 100 beta units

Exclusive first access to new ARION Lite features

Co-creation process to help us shape ARION Lite

Delivery from January 2019

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ARION Lite beta program (<strike style="color:red">€99</strike> €59)

The future of running wearables

ARION adaptive coaching AI

ARION’s coaching engine adapts your training with every run you make. An initial run will complete your running profile, which ARION uses to build a personalized training schedule. Target zones are set for each of your running sessions. You will focus on one element of your running technique each run.

How does ARION work?
<small class="smallstyling">The future of running wearables</small><br><h2>ARION adaptive coaching AI</h2>

Why people love ARION

Sonya Carrott (Bowyer)<br><i>Former World Class Athlete</i>

ARION would’ve been really useful for me to stay injury-free during my years as an international athlete.

Sonya Carrott (Bowyer)
Former World Class Athlete
 Jonathan Mutebwa<br><i>Dutch national champion and personal trainer</i>

With ARION you’re able to see details in your running technique that you are unable to feel yourself.

Jonathan Mutebwa
Dutch national champion and personal trainer
Laurens Groenendijk<br><i>Netherlands national trail running team coach</i>

ARION enhances your running IQ with more insights than you can achieve on your own or with a real coach.

Laurens Groenendijk
Netherlands national trail running team coach